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The Mystery of the Heavener Runestone In a hollow on Poteau Mountain near Heavener, Oklahoma, there is a state park that holds a mystery. A mystery that many have tried to explain. A mystery etched in the face of a large slab of stone which stands 12 feet tall, 10 feet wide, and 16 inches thick. For years, locals called it "Indian Rock." Today, it is known as the Heavener Runestone. Gloria Farley, who dedicated over 33 years of research to the stone, says is solved. Farley says the letters on the stone are actually Scandinavian runes and translated means "Gnomel's Valley." Gloria Farley She believes Norsemen traveled to the Americas across the Atlantic, explored up the Mississippi, Arkansas and Poteau Rivers centuries before Columbus, establishing a site near the present-day Oklahoma town. Farley pushed for the establishment of a state park which came into existence in 1970, and which now protects the site. Now another theory from another Oklahoman is causing some scholars to reconsider the strange etchings on the monument-like stone. Dr. Lee W. Woodard, a minister from Sallisaw, has written a book entitled "Secret La Salle Monument and Historical Marker" which explains that the Heavener, Oklahoma Runestone is in fact a monument made between 1687 - 1688 by Gemme Hiens,,who was the German - English companion of the famous French explorer Robert Cavelier de La Salle. Lee Woodard Woodard calls the monument a linguistic, artistic, and mathematical engineering masterpiece that honors La Salle by encoding his birth and death dates. He also writes that the carvings tell the location on the Poteau River where the famous explorer was assassinated. In his book, Woodard tells the story of how he made the discovery, and relates the placement of La Salle's death to historical accounts, and that this new knowledge enables a much better study of Native American society. To read an article on the La Salle monument written by Woodard exclusively for, click here. The La Salle Monument web site contains photos and information on how to order Woodard's book. A Local Legend According to local oral history, the tall stone was discovered by a Choctaw hunting party sometime in the 1830's. Records tell us there was no underbrush on the mountain then. A deer could be seen for a distance under the virgin timber. White men came into the area during the 1870's. Wilson King and two other trappers supposedly saw the etched stone before 1874, according to a statement signed by King's son. However, the earliest eyewitness report recorded is from Luther Capps, who saw the stone in 1898. Logging was an industry when Heavener was established in 1894. Laura Callahan remembered in 1904 that at the young age of five, her father and local sawmill owner R.L. Bailey, held her up to the stone, and she rubbed her hands over the mossy lettering. In 1913, when Carl F. Kemmerer found again found the stone, and described it to citizens in Heavener, he found that others already knew of the monument-like stele which was called "Indian Rock." At the time, no one knew that the Native Americans had no written alphabets. In 1923, the lettering was submitted by Kemmerer to the Smithsonian Institution, who identified the letters as Norse runes. Farley says the answer is "In Plain Sight" In 1948, research to translate the etched letters on the stone, when they were made, and by whom, was begun by Gloria Stewart Farley. She had seen the inscription as a child. Farley says she spent a total of 38 years finding the answers to these questions. She renamed it The Heavener Runestone in 1951. In 1965, Mr. Herbert Ward and family donated the 55 acres on which the Runestone State Park was built with legislative funding received due to the efforts of State of Oklahoma. Based on Farley's research, the Runestone State Park came into existence to preserve the stone in 1970. By 1967 the runes were believed to represent the date of November 11, 1012 with the runes used as numbers in a Norse cryptopuzzle, according to Alf Monge, a cryptanalyst who was born in Norway. The authenticity of the stone being made by ancient Vikings was supported by the finding of two more runestones in the vicinity of Poteau Mountain, another smaller inscription of eight runes at a foothill of Cavanal Mountain, 14 miles away, and another stone bearing five runes at Shawnee, Oklahoma. In 1986, it was found that these five rune stones had apparently been made even two or three centuries earlier, before 800 A.D. Dr. Richard Nielson, whose doctorate was obtained at the University of Denmark, found translated the symbols into words instead of numbers. By making an in-depth study of the ancient literature and hundreds of Scandinavian runestones, he determined that the second and eighth runes are actually variants of the letter L, which permitted him to say that the Heavener runes are G-L-O-M-E-D-A-L, meaning Glome's Valley, a land claim. The similar Poteau runes are a memorial to the same man meaning, "Magic or protection to Gloie (his nickname)". The Shawnee rune stone is the name MEDOK, and was probably a gravestone, but had been moved because of construction work. The other two rune stones near Poteau Mountain do not have enough runes for a translation, but the four stones were placed in a straight line, miles apart. These five inscriptions are all from the oldest 24-rune Futhark alphabet, in use from 300 to 800 A.D. in Scandinavia. It is believed that these Norse explorers crossed the Atlantic, rounded the tip of Florida into the Gulf of Mexico, found the Mississippi River, and sailed into its tributaries, the Arkansas and Poteau Rivers, around 750 A.D. This date is indicated by the grammar used on the Poteau Rune stone. To read Farley's exclusive response to Woodard's theory, click here. Visit Farley's website to see special extracts and ordering information about her book. The site also has many links to web pages dedicated to the theories of Old World ancients traveling and visiting the Americas. The Heavener Runestone State Park is located two and a half miles northeast of Heavener, off Highway 59 and US Highway 270. For more information, contact: Heavener Runestone State Park Route 1, Box 1510 Heavener, OK 74937 918-653-2241/Park Office Features/Facilities: * 55 Park Acres * Ancient Runestone Hieroglyphics * Playground * Nature trail * Gift Shop


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Denton Mound and Village Archaeological Site Mound Pemiscot Denton
Mealy Mounds Archaeological Site Mound Callaway Mokane
Mellor Village and Mounds Archaeological District Mound Cooper Lamaine
Murphy Mound Archaeological Site Mound Pemiscot Caruthersville
Osterhout Mound Park Mound Marion Hannibal
Pigman Mound Archaeological Site Mound Oregon Riverton
Portwood Village and Mound Mound New Madrid Portageville
Sharkey Mound Group Mound Marion Hannibal
Sugar Loaf Mound Mound St. Louis St. Louis
Wagon Mound Mound
Lewsiston Mound Mound
Winterville Mound
Pulver Mounds State Historic Site Mound
Standing Rock Historic Site Mound
Aberdeen Mound Mound Brown Aberdeen
Alligator Effigy Mound Mound Licking Granville
Arledge Mounds I Mound Pickaway Circleville
Arledge Mounds II Mound Pickaway Circleville
Armco Park Mound I Mound Warren Otterbein
Armco Park Mound II Mound Warren Otterbein
Austin Brown Mound Mound Ross Chillicother
Enham Mound Mound
Bone Mound II Mound Warren Oregonia
Burchenal Mound Mound Hamilton Woodland
Cannon Tom Mound Mound Franklin Georgesville
Charles Metzger Mound Mound Ross Chillicothe
Coe Mound Mound Franklin Columbus
Conrad Mound Archaeological Site Mound Hamilton Cleves
Coon Hunters Mound Mound Fairfield Carroll
David Stitt Mound Mound Ross Chillicothe
Dayton Power and Light Company Mound Mound Adams Wrightsville
Demoret Mound Mound Butler Ross
Dixon Mound Mound Licking Homer
Dunns Pond Mound Mound Logan Huntsville
Eagle Township Works I Mound Mound Brown Fincastle
Edington Mound Mound Clermont Neville
Edith Ross Mound Mound Hocking Laurelville
Elk Lick Mound Mound Clermont Bantam
Ellis Mounds Mound Ohio Marysville
Knob Prarie Mound (Enon Mound) Mound Clark Enon
Etna Township Mounds I Mound Licking Reynoldsburg
Etna Township Mounds II Mound Licking Reynoldsburg
Horn Mound Mound Pickaway Tarlton
Fortner Mounds I Mound Fairfield Pinkerington
Fortner Mounds II Mound Fairfield Pinkerington
Frankfort Works Mound Mound Ross Frankfort
George Deffenbaugh Mound Mound Hocking Laurelville
Great Mound Mound Butler Middletown
Highbanks Metropolitan Park Mounds I Mound Delaware Powell
Highbanks Metropolitan Park Mounds II Mound Delaware Powell
Hill-Kinder Mound Mound Warren Franklin
Hillside Haven Mound Mound Clinton Oakland
Hodgen's Cemetery Mound Mound Jefferson Tiltonsville
Hogan Borger Mound Archeological District Mound Butler Ross
Hopewell National Historic Park Mound Ross Chillicothe
H. P. Jeffers Mound Mound Franklin Worthington
Hueston Woods Park Mound Mound Preble College Corner
Hurley Mound Mound Clinton Lumberton
Jackson Mound Mound Franklin Pancoastburg
John Galbreath Mound Mound Franklin Galloway
Karshner Mound Mound Hocking Laurelville
Keiter Mound Mound Clinton Wilmington
Kinzer Mound Mound Ross South Salem
Lake Ridge Island Mounds Mound Logan Russells Point
Landen Mounds I Mound Warren Foster
Landen Mounds II Mound Warren Foster
Lichliter Mound and Village Site Mound Montgomery Dayton
Luthor List Mound Mound Pickaway Circleville
Mann Mound Mound Butler Jacksonburg
Markham Mound Mound Vinton Zaleski
Mathew Mound Mound Hamilton Evandale
McDaniel Mound Mound Licking Utica
McLaughlin Mound Mound Knox Mount Vernon
Melick Mound Mound Licking Utica
Miamisbug Mound Mound Montgomery Miamisburg
Moar Mound and Village Mound Warren Morrow
Mound Cemetery Mound Mound Marietta Washington
Mound Cemetery Mound (Meigs Co.) Mound Meigs Chester
Mound House Mound
Nashport Mound Mound Muskingum Nashport
Nettle Lake Mound Group Mound Williams Nettle Lake
Norwood Mound Mound Hamilton Norwood
Odd Fellows' Cemetery Mound (Newton Cemetary Mound) Mound Hamilton Newton
Old Maid's Orchard Mound Mound Fairfield Lithopolis
Orators Mound Mound Greene Yellow Springs
Piketon Mounds Mound Pike Piketon
Potter Carl Mound Mound Champaign Mechanicsburg
Raleigh Mound Mound Knox Fredericktown
Ranger Station Mound Mound Vinton Zaleski
Ratcliffe Mound Mound Vinton Londonderry
Reeves Mound Mound Meigs Alfred
Rennert Mound Archaeological District Mound Hamilton Elizabethtown
Roberts Mound Mound Butler Auburn
Rose DS Mound Mound Butler Huntsville
Schaer Theodore B. Mound Mound Fairfield Canal Winchester
Seip Earthworks and Dill Mounds District Mound Ross Bainbridge
Short Woods Park Mound Mound Hamilton Sayler Park
Skunk Hill Mounds Mound Madison West Jefferson
Snead Mound Mound Clermont Neville
Speedway Mound Mound Jefferson Warrenton
Sprott's Hill Mounds Site Mound Ashland Ashland
Stackhouse Mound and Works Mound Knox Fredericktown
Story Mound State Memorial Mound Ross Chilicothe
Story Mound (Hmilton Co.) Mound Hamilton Sayler
Tarlton Cross Mound Mound Fairfield Tarlton
Taylor Mound and Village Site Mound Warren Oregonia
T. C. Campbell Mound Mound Ross Bainbridge
Tick Ridge Mound District Mound Pickaway Williamsport
Trevey Mound Mound Warren Morrow
W. C. Clemmons Mound Mound Pickaway Fox
Williamson Mound Archeological District Mound Butler Maud
Williamson Mound State Memorial Mound Greene Cedarville
Winameg Mound Mound Fulton Delta
Wolf Creek Mound Mound Montgomery Trotwood
Wright Brothers Memorial Mound Group Mound Greene Fairborn
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Mound Mound Greene Fairborn
Zaleski Mound Mound Warren Otterbein
Harris Park Mound Mound
Lone Ranch Creek Mound Mound
Susan Creek Indian Mounds Site Mound
Adamson Mounds Site Mound Kershaw Camden
Auld Mound Mound Charleston Mount Pleasant
Big Lake Cattle Mound Mound Richland Hopkins
Blair Mound Mound Fairfield Winnsboro
Brady's Cattle Mound Mound Richland Hopkins
Cattle Mound #6 Mound Richland Hopkins
Cook's Lake Cattle Mound Mound Richlad Hopkins
Cooner's Cattle Mound Mound Richland Hopkins
Dead River Cattle Mound Mound Richland Hopkins
Hanckel Mound Mound Charleston Rockville
Lawton Mounds Mound Allendale Johnson's Landing
McCollum Mound Mound Chester Chester
Santee Indian Mound and Fort Watson Mound Clarendon Summerton
Sewee Mound Mound Charleston Awendaw
Fort Thompson Mounds Mound
Spirit Mound Mound
Brick Church Mound and Village Site Mound Davidson Nashville
Cherry Creek Mound Mound White Key
Denmark Mound Group Mound Madison Denmark
Mound Bottom Mound Cheatham Kingston Springs
Myers Mound Mound Warren McMinnville
Sellars Indian Mound Mound Wilson Lebanon
Shiloh Indian Mounds Site Mound Hardin Hurley
U. T. Agriculture Farm Mound Mound Knox Knoxville
Woodland Mound Archeological District Mound Hamilton Chattanooga
Caddoan Mounds Mound
Hale Mound Site Mound Titus Winfield
Komatia Mounds Archeological District Mound Red River Komatia
Tilson Mounds Summerhill Lake Place Mound Bowie Texarkana
Westerman Mound Mound Titus Winfield
Evans Mound Mound
Nephi Mounds Mound
Ely Mound Mound Lee Rose Hill
Seal Rock Shell Mounds Mound Jefferson Brinnon
Cemetery Mound Mound
Criel Mound Mound Kanawha Charleston
Goff Mound Mound
Linden Reynolds Farm Mound Mound
St. Mary's Mound Mound
Shawnee Reservation Mound Mound Kanawha Institute
Charles E. Brown Indian Mounds Mound Dane Madison
Elmside Park Mounds Mound Dane Madison
High Cliff Mounds Mound Calumet Sherwood
Rice Lake Mounds Mound Barron Rice Lake
Trempealeau Platform Mounds Site Mound Tremeapeau Trempealeau
Bear Mound Park Mound Dane Madison
Curtis Mounds Mound Dane Madison
Sentinel Ridge Mounds Mound Grant Bagley
Whitaker Cemetery Cemetery McLean Livermore
Centertown Mounds Mound Ohio Centertown
Ashby Mound Mound Ohio Centertown
Hartford Mound Mound Ohio Hartford
Oakville Indian Mounds Park & Museum Mound Lawrence Oakville
Orsborn Mounds Mound McLean Poplar Grove
Battle Mound Mound Lafayette Magnolia
Crenshaw Mounds Mound Lafayette Magnolia
Winterville Mound Mound Washington Greenville
Hedgepeth Mounds Mound Lincoln Lincoln Parish
Frenchmans Bend Mounds Mound Ouachita Monroe
Raffman Mound Mound Madison Richmond
Mott Mound Mound Franklin Bayou Macon
Prichard's Landing Mound Mound
Anna Mound Mound Adams Natchez
Mound Plantation Mound Tensas St Joseph
Carters Creek Mound Mound
Jaketown Site Mound Humphreys Belzoni
Mangum Mound Mound Adams Natchez
Grindstone Ford Mound Adams Natchez
Holly Bluff Mound Mound Yazoo Holly Bluff
Ingomar Mound Mound Union Ingomar
Foster's Mound Mound Adams Natchez
Cherokee Boulevard Mound Mound Knox Knoxville
Twin Mounds Mound Ballard Barlow
Turk Marshall Mound Mound Carlisle Winford
McLeods Bluff Mound Mound Hickman Hailwell
Adams Mound Mound Fulton Hickman
Stahr Hill Mound Fulton Hickman
Sassafras Ridge Mound Fulton Sassafras Ridge
Reed Mound Mound McCracken High Point
Dedmon Mound Marshall Gilbertsville
Chambers Mound Site Mound Marshall Benton
Backusburg Mound Calloway Backusburg
Fuqua Mound Calloway Backusburg
Tinsley Hill Mound Mound Lyon Palisades
Duncan Mound Mound Trigg La Fayette
Papineau Mound Mound Crittenden Shelbys Store
Hess Mound Mound Mississippi Towosahgy
Callahan-Thompson Mound Mound Mississippi Towosahgy
Crosno Mound Mound Mississippi Crosno
Sugar Creek Mound Group Mound Clark Canton
Live Oak Mound Mound Washington Hollandale
The Swan Lake Indian Mound Mound Washington Hollandale
Canton Mound Mound
Bamboo Mound Mound Collier Everglades
Caplen Mound Mound Galveston
Bessemer Burial Mound Mound Jefferson Bessemer
Macon Plateau Mound Mound
Funeral Mound Mound Bibb Macon
Fort Toulouse Burial Grounds
Grant Mound Mound Duval Chaseville
Tatham Mound Mound Citrus Inverness
Garden Creek Platform Mounds Mound Garden Creek
Peachtree Mound Mound Haywood
Chauga Site Mound
Norris Basin Small Log Townhouse
Bowman Farm site
Martin Farm Site
Hiwassee Island Mounds and Village Mound
Hamilton Mounds Mound
Harmon's Creek sites
Gray Farm Site
Jonathan Creek Site Mound Marshall Aurora
Mitchell Mound group Mound
Cherry Valley Site Cross
Hoecake Site Mound Mississippi Pinhook
Village Farmer Tradition Mound Sikeston
Trail of Tears State Park Historical Cape Girardeau Jackson
Van Meter State Park Mound Saline Miami
Crenshaw Site
Gahagan Mound
Albany Mounds State Historic Site Mound Whiteside Albany
Cook Petroglyph site Petroglyph Wyoming
Horse Creek Petroglyph site Petroglyph Boone
Coal Mountain Petroglyph site Petroglyph Wyoming
Davis Petroglyph site Petroglyph Wyoming
Dingus Petroglyph sites Petroglyph Mingo
Lynco Petroglyph site Petroglyph Wyoming
Dameron Petroglyph site Petroglyph Wyoming
Wayne Petroglyph site Petroglyph Wayne
Beards Fork Petroglyph site Petroglyph Fayette
Dixon Rock Shelter Rock Shelter Preston
Greer Rock Shelter Rock Shelter Morgantown
Dorsey Knob Site Morgantown
Pentress site Morgantown
New Geneva Historic pottery reject site
Chipps Rock Shelter Rock Shelter Morgantown
Rohr Rock Shelter Rock Shelter Morgantown
Batson Site Morgantown
Claremore Mound Mound Rogers Claremore
Bubba Midden Mound Clay Green Cove Springs
Cow Mound Mound Woodruff Cow Mound
Cavanaugh Mound Mound Sebastian Fort Smith
Hontoon Island Mounds Mound Lake DeLand
Camp Helen State Park Mounds Mound Inlet Beach Bay
Lower Sugarloaf Mound - Pyramid Mound Mound Knox Vincennes
Waterfalls in Arizona Waterfall
Waterfalls in Arkansas Waterfall
Waterfalls in Alabama Waterfall
Waterfalls in Colorado Waterfall
Waterfalls in Connecticut Waterfall
Waterfalls in California Waterfall
Waterfalls in Florida Waterfall
Waterfalls in Georgia Waterfall
Waterfalls in Hawaii Waterfall
Waterfalls in Idaho Waterfall
Waterfalls in Illinois Waterfall
Waterfalls in Indiana Waterfall
Waterfalls in Iowa Waterfall
Waterfalls in Kansas Waterfall
Waterfalls in Kentucky Waterfall
Waterfalls in the District of Columbia Waterfall
Waterfalls in Louisiana Waterfall
Waterfalls in Maine Waterfall
Waterfalls in Maryland Waterfall
Waterfalls in Massachusetts Waterfall
Waterfalls in Michigan Waterfall
Waterfalls in Minnesota Waterfall
Waterfalls in Mississippi Waterfall
Waterfalls in Missouri Waterfall
Waterfalls in Montana Waterfall
Waterfalls in Nebraska Waterfall
Waterfalls in Nevada Waterfall
Waterfalls in New Hampshire Waterfall
Waterfalls in New Jersey Waterfall
Waterfalls in New Mexico Waterfall
Waterfalls in New York Waterfall
Waterfalls in North Carolina Waterfall
Waterfalls in Ohio Waterfall
Waterfalls in Oklahoma Waterfall
Waterfalls in Oregon Waterfall
Waterfalls in Pennsylvania Waterfall
Waterfalls in Rhode Island Waterfall
Waterfalls in South Carolina Waterfall
Waterfalls in Tennessee Waterfall
Waterfalls in South Dakota Waterfall
Waterfalls in Texas Waterfall
Waterfalls in America Samoa Waterfall
Waterfalls in Guam Waterfall
Waterfalls in Alaska Waterfall
Waterfalls in Utah Waterfall
Waterfalls in Vermont Waterfall
Waterfalls in Virginia Waterfall
Waterfalls in Washington Waterfall
Waterfalls in West Virginia Waterfall
Waterfalls in Wisconsin Waterfall
Waterfalls in Wyoming Waterfall
Benham Mound Mound Hamilton Cincinnati
Bluff City Shell Mound Mound Henderson Hebbardsville
My Old Kentucky Home State Park Park Nelson Bardstown
Indian Hill Archaeological Hancock Floral
Whitehouse Ruins Ruins
The Fisherman Intaglio Geoglyph Geoglyph
Homolovi Ruins State Park Ruins
Murray Springs Clovis Site Archaeological
Navajo National Monument Monument
Old Pueblo Archaeology Center Archaeological
Pueblo Grande Mound Mound
Shaw Butte - Hohokam Rockshelter Rock Shelter
The Snake Desert Geoglyph Geoglyph
Tusayan Ruin Walk Ruins
Walnet Canyon National Monument Monument
Spook Hill Mound Group Mound Grant Bagley
Sheboygan Indian Mound Park Mound Sheboygan Sheboygan
Kingsley Bend Mound Group Mound Columbia Wisconsin Dells
Calumet County Park Mounds Mound Calumet Stockbridge
Baum Mound Group Mound Goodland Dunn
Burrows Park Burial Mound Mound Dane Madison
Edgewood College Mound Group Archeological District Mound Dane Madison
Edna Taylor Conservancy Burial Mound Mound Dane Madison
Hudson Park Burial Mound Mound Dane Madison
Farwell's Point Mound Group Mound Dane Madison
Mendota State Historical Mound Group Mound Dane Madison
Forest Hill Cemetery Burial Mound Mound Dane Madison
Governor Nelson State Park Mound Mound Dane Waunakee
Lewis Mound Group Mound Dane McFarland
Observatory Hill Mound Group Mound Dane Madison
Outlet Mound Mound Dane Monona
Picnic Point Mounds Mound Dane Madison
Arboretum Burial Mound Mound Dane Madison
Vilas Park Burial Mound Mound Dane Madison
Vilas Circle Park Burial Mound Mound Dane Madison
Hornung Mound Group Mound Dane Roxbury
Upper Wakanda Park Mound Group Mound Dunn Menomonie
Avoca Mound Group Mound Iowa Avoca
Koshkonong Mounds Mound Jefferson Fort Atkinson
Panther Intaglio Mound Jefferson Fort Atkinson
New Lisbon Indian Mounds Park Mound Juneau New Lisbon
Lake Park Mound Mound Milwaukee Milwaukee
Lake Tomahawk Indian Mounds Mound Oneida Lake Tomahawk
Man Mound Park Mound Sauk Baraboo
Cutler Park Mounds Mound Waukesha Waukesha
Whistler Mounds Park Mound Waushara Hancock
Blackhawk Country Club Mound Group Mound Dane Madison
Camp Randall Memorial Park Mound Mound Dane Madison
Glenwood Children's Park Mound Mound Dane Madison
Halvorson Mound Group Mound Dane Madison
Hoyt Park Mounds Mound Dane Madison
Merrill Springs Mound Group II Archeological District Mound Dane Madison
Orton Park Mound Mound Dane Madison
Phlaum-McWilliams Mound Group Mound Dane Madison
Spring Harbor Mound Group Mound Dane Madison
Tenny Park Mound Mound Dane Madison
Willow Drive Burial Mound Mound Dane Madison
Cherokee Park Burial Mound Mound Dane Madison
Goodland County Park Mounds Mound Dane Dunn
Siggelkow Park Mounds Mound Dane McFarland
Vilas Park Zoo Mound Mound Dane Madison
Elvehjem Sanctuary Mound Mound Dane Madison
Mueller Mound Group Mound Dane Madison
Woodward Shore Mound Group Mound Dane Madison
Morningstar Lane Mounds Mound Dane Madison
Nondahl Mound Group Mound Dane Madison
Gilman Mound Group Mound Dane Madison
Eagle Heights Mounds Mound Dane Madison
Truax Air Park Mound Mound Dane Madison
Horace Cabe Mound Bowie
Hatchel Mound Mound Bowie
Boyd Hill Mound Lafayette
Carriage Factory mound Mound
Bottom Mound Mound
Butler Hill Mound Mound Hamilton
Fort Hill Mound Mound Highland Sinking Spring
Paint Creek Mound Mound Paint Creek
Hopeton Earthworks Mound Ross Hopeton
Cedar Bank Mound Mound Ross Cedar Bank
Diamond Bluff Mound Mound
La Crosse Mounds Mound La Crosse
Prairie du Chien Mounds Mound
Lake Pepin Mounds Mound
Letchworth-Love Mounds State Park Mound Monticello
Little Petroglyph Canyon Petroglyph
Elfin Forest Petroglyphs Petroglyph
Apishapa Arch Arch
Hovenweep National Monument Monument
Chapin Mesa Cliff Dwelling
Lowry Pueblo Pueblo
Landerneau Mounds Mound Caldwell Monroe
Chickamauga Mound Mound
Lamar Mounds Mound Bibb Macon
Sapelo Mound Mound
Filhiol Mound Mound Ouachita Monroe
Pu'ukohola Heiau National Historic Site Historical
Blue Mound Mound
Garden of the Gods Garden
Mrs. Scheuler's Mound Mound
Toolesboro Indian Mounds Mound Toolesboro
Fitzhugh Mounds Mound Madison Mound
Transylvania Mounds Mound East Carroll Transylvania
Julice Mound Mound East Carroll Transylvania
Galloway Place Mound Mound West Carroll Kilbourne
Venable Mound Mound Morehouse Bastrop
Caney Bayou Mound Mound Morehouse Bastrop
Scott Place Mounds Mound Union Farmerville
Schicker Mound Mound Madison Tallulah
Tendal Mound Mound Madison Delhi
Insley Mounds Mound Franklin Delhi
Lower Jackson Mound Mound West Carroll Delhi
Marsden Mound Mound Richland Delhi
Wade landing Mound Mound Caldwell Columbia
Ghost Site Mounds Mound Tensas Newellton
Shackleford Church Mounds Mound Tensas Newellton
Balmoral Mounds Mound Tensas Newellton
Sundown Mounds Mound Tensas St Joseph
Frogmore Mound Mound Concordia Ferriday
Elkhorn Plantation Mound Mound Concordia Ferriday
Churupa Plantation Mound Mound Concordia Ferriday
Cypress Grove Mound Mound Concordia Clayton
Lamarque Landing Mound Mound Concordia Clayton
Peck Mounds Mound Catahoula Sicily Island
Harrisonburg Mounds Mound Catahoula Harrisonburg
Alexander Mound Mound Catahoula Harrisonburg
Boothe Landing Mound Mound Catahoula Harrisonburg
Mcguffee Mounds Mound Catahoula Harrisonburg
Tew Lake Mounds Mound Catahoula Harrisonburg
Routon Mounds Mound Catahoula Jonesville
Troyville Earthworks Mound Catahoula Jonesville
Crooks Mound Mound La Salle Jonesville
Red Wing Archaeological Preserve Mound Goodhue Red Wing
Silvernale Archaeology Preserve Mound Goodhue Red Wing
Itasca Indian Cemetery Mound Hubbard Park Rapids
Petaga Point Archaeological Site Archaeological Mille Lacs Onamia
Itasca Bison Kill Site Archaeological Sherburne Clearwater
Ogema Geshik Point Site Mound Itasca Itasca
Lamberths Mound Mound Greene Forkland
Taskigi Mound Mound Elmore Blue Ridge
Howard Mound Mound Jackson Parognet
Miller Mound Mound Poinsett Marked Tree
Murrells Mound Mound Lee Marianna
Twin Mounds Mound Lincoln Dumas
Noah Mound Mound Seminole Chuluota
Heiffer Mound Mound Seminole Chuluota
Saddle Mound Mound Seminole Chuluota
Moccasin Mound Mound Seminole Chuluota
Orange Mound Mound Orange Christmas
Indian Fields Mound Mound Brevard Titusville
Paw Paw Mound Mound Brevard Titusville
Mulberry Mound Mound Orange Coco West
Palmer-Taylor Mound Mound Seminole Chuluota
Buzzard Roost Mound Mound Seminole Chuluota
John Quiet Mound Mound Charlotte Englewood
Ortona Mounds Mound Glades Ortona
Fort Center Circle Mound Glades Lakeport
Horr's Island Mounds Mound Collier Key Marco
Tomoka Mounds Mound Volusia Ormond Beach
Shields Indian mound Mound Duval Jacksonville
Dent Mound Mound Duval Jacksonville
Wonderwood Drive Mound Mound Duval Jacksonville
Indian Hill Drive Mound Mound Duval Jacksonville
Terra Ceia Mound Mound Manatee Palmetto
Pompano Beach Indian Mound Park Mound Broward Pompano Beach
Jekyll Island Indian Mound Mound Camden Jekyll Island
Volusia Shell Mound Mound Volusia Astor
Buck Point Mound Mound Seminole Oviedo
Faulkner Mound Mound Lee Pineland
Maple Mound Mound Hendry Harlem
Mulberry Mound - Brevard Mound Brevard Palm Bay
Shell Mound - Levy Mound Levy Cedar Key
Sugar Mill Mound Mound Collier Everglades
The Mound - Santa Rosa Mound Santa Rosa Molino
Box Canyon Ruin Ruins
Lomaki Ruin Ruins
Wupatki Ruin Ruins
Wupatki Ballcourt Ruins
Antelope House Ruin Ruins
Hovenweep Square Tower Ruins
Hovenweep Castle Ruins
Twin Towers Ruins
Stronghold House Ruins
Holly House Ruins
Boulder House Ruins
Edge of the Cedars Ruins
Casa Grande Great House Ruins
Snaketown Mounds Mound
Snaketown Ballcourt Ruins
Snaketown Plaza Ruins
Horseshoe Ruin Ruins
Hackberry Ruin Ruins
Horseshoe Tower Tower
Lowry Great Kiva Kiva
Lowry Pueblo Pueblo
Yellow Jacket Kiva Kiva
Yellow Jacket Great Kiva Kiva
Yellowjacket Ruin Ruins
Yellow Jacket Great Tower Tower
Yellow Jacket Monolith Monolith
Sun Towers Tower
Sun Temple Towers Tower
Sun Temple Temple
Kin Klizhin Ruins Ruins
Salmon Great House Ruins
Salmon Ruin Elevated Kiva Kiva
Salmon Ruin Great Kiva Kiva
Salmon Ruin Ruins
Penasco Blanco Ruins
Peņasco Blanco Plaza Great Kiva Kiva
Aztec East Ruin Great Kiva Kiva
Aztec Ruin Ruins
Wilson Peak Summit
Casa Chiquita Ruin Ruins
Kin Kletso Ruins
Kin Kletso West Kiva Kiva
Kin Kletso East Kiva Kiva
Arroyo Great Kiva Kiva
Pueblo del Arroyo South Kiva Kiva
Pueblo del Arroyo North Kiva Kiva
Pueblo del Arroyo Tri-Walled Kiva Kiva
Pueblo Del Arroyo Pueblo
Pueblo Bonito North Kiva Kiva
Pueblo Bonito Great Kiva Kiva
Pueblo Bonito East Kiva Kiva
Pueblo Bonito Pueblo
Pueblo Bonito Axis Pueblo
Casa Rinconada Ruins
Pueblo Alto Pueblo
Pueblo Alto East Kiva Kiva
Nuevo Alto Kiva Kiva
Tsin Kletzin Ruins
Tsin Kletsin East Kiva Kiva
Tsin Kletsin Great House Ruins
Chetro Ketl Great House Ruins
Chetro Ketl Great Kiva Kiva
Tsun-Je-Zhin Ruins
Hungo Pavi Ruins
Una Vida Great Kiva Kavi
Wijiji Ruins
Pueblo Pintado Pueblo
Uncompadre Peak Summit
Chimney Rock Ruin Ruins Chimney Rock
Abo Pueblo Kiva Kiva
Quari Kiva Kiva
Gran Quivira Pueblo Pueblo
Gran Quivira Great Kiva Kiva
Lake George Mound Mound
Towosaghy Mound Mound Mississippi New Madrid
Lilbourn Mounds Mound New Madrid Lilbourn
Mt. Vernon Site, GE Mound Mound Posey Mt. Vernon
Mann Mound Site Mound Posey Mt. Vernon
Shaw Mound Mound Bartow Cartersville
Alexandersville Circle Mound Montgomery West Carrollton City
Knob Prairie Mound (Enon Mound) Mound Clark Enon
Henneberger Mound Mound Ross Frankfort
Baum Square Mound Ross Bainbridge
Portsmouth Mounds Mound Scioto Portsmouth
Shriver Circle Mound Ross Chilicothe
Dunlap Square Mound Ross Chilicothe
Portsmouth Horseshoe Mound Scioto Portsmouth
Circleville Circles Mound Pickaway Circleville
Circleville Square Mound Pickaway Circleville
High Bank Circle Mound Ross Chilicothe
High Bank Octagon Mound Ross Chilicothe
Harness Mound Mound Ross Chilicothe
Liberty Square Mound Ross Chilicothe
Liberty Circle Mound Ross Chilicothe
Newark Octagon Observatory Mound Mound Licking Newark
Owens Mound Newark Mound Licking Newark
Newark Octagon Small Circle Mound Licking Newark
Newark Ellipse Work Mound Licking Newark
Woodruff Connett Mound Mound Athens The Plains
Hartmann Mound Mound Athens The Plains
Baird Mound Mound Athens
Marietta Quadranau Mound Mound Washington Marietta
Marietta Large Square Mound Washington Marietta
Marietta Capitolium Mound Mound Washington Marietta
Marietta Small Square Mound Washington Marietta
Marietta Conus Mound Mound Washington Marietta
Reynolds Mound Mound St. Marys Pleasants
Fort Center Mound Mound Glades Lakeport
Indian Knob Stone Tower Site Mound Marshall Moundsville
Tiltonsville Cemetery Mound Mound Jefferson Tiltonsville
Rhodes Mound Mound Richmond McBean
Whites Mound Mound Richmond McBean
King Site Mound Floyd
Singer-Moye Mounds Mound Stewart
Fulton Indian Mound Mound Fulton Hickman
Obie Mound Mound Crittenden
The Mound - Anderson Mound Anderson Springtown
Allison Mound Mound Morgan Chapin
Benton Mound Mound Jo Daviess
Browns Mound Mound Scott
MacMillan Bloedel Mound Mound
Mystery Mound Mound
Hanukkiah Earthworks Mound
Chetco Shell Mound Mound
Sac Fox Mounds Mound
Roch a Cri State Park Mound
Baraboo 8th Ave. Church Indian Mounds Mound
Wyalusing State Park Mounds Archaeological District Mound
Bell Field Mound Mound
Tugalo Mound Mound Stephens Toccoa
Beaverdam Creek Mound and Village Mound Elbert
Gregg Shoals Mound Mound Elbert
Rucker's Bottom Mound Mound Elbert
Fort Independence Mound Abbeville Lowendesville
Millwood Mound Abbeville Calhoun Falls
Cemochechobee Mound Clay Fort Gaines
Irene Mounds Mound Effingham Savannah
Indian Mound Golf Club Mound Ossipee
Gladstone Blvd Mound Mound Jackson Kansas City
Hawkins site Mound Volusia Oak Hill
Fort Salem Earthwork Mound Highland Lynchburg
Jeffers Mound Mound Franklin Worthington
Loudoun County Mounds Mound Louden Leesburg
Oelsner Temple Mound Mound Pasco Port Richey
Whitman Burial Mound Mound
Lion's Club Burial Mound Mound Levy Cedar Key
Maximo Park Mound - Tocobaga Mound Hillsborough St Petersburg
Pinellas Point Temple Mound Mound Hillsborough St Petersburg
Jungle Prada Mound Mound Hillsborough St Petersburg
Bayshore Home Midden Mound Hillsborough St Petersburg
Safety Harbor Temple Mound Mound Hillsborough St Petersburg
Shell Mound Trail Mound Sanibel Island
Weedon Island Preserve Mound Hillsborough St Petersburg
Historic Spanish Point Mound Sarasota Osprey
Calusa Heritage Trail Mound Lee Pineland
Indian Mound Park Mound Sarasota Englewood
The Mound House Mound Lee Fort Myers Beach
Meadowcroft Rockshelter Mound Washington Avella
Arch Creek Park Mound Dade Miami
Indian Mound Cemetery Mound Hampshire Romney
Whitewater Indian Mounds Park Mound Walworth Whitewater
Glenford Fort Mound Perry Glenford
Hueston Woods Campground Mound Mound Preble College Corner
Athens Earthworks North Mound Athens The Plains
Zenner Meadow Mound Mound Athens The Plains
Stage Mound Hill Mound Athens The Plains
Armitage Mound Mound Athens The Plains
Martin Mound 1 Mound Athens The Plains
Martin Mound 2 Mound Athens The Plains
Plains School Sacred Circle Mound Athens The Plains
Dorr Mound 1 Mound Athens The Plains
Dorr Mound 2 Mound Athens The Plains
Norwood Mound Mound Hamilton Norwood
Antioch University Campus Mounds Mound Greene Yellow Springs
Williams Mound Mound Licking Homer
Pollock Works Mound Greene Cedarville
Sun Watch Indian Village Mound Montgomery Dayton
Adena State Memorial Mound Ross Brewer Heights
Flint Ridge Park Mound Licking Glenford
Mt Herob Earthworks Mound Fayette Lexington
Camden Park Mound Mound Cabell Huntington
Fairmount Mound Mound Licking Jacksontown
The Piketon Mounds at Mound Cemetery Mound Pike Piketon
Indian Trail Campground Mound Mound Huron Fitchville
Barker Park Mound Mound Henry New Castle
New Castle High School Mound Mound Henry New Castle
Nelson Dewey State Park Mounds Mound Grant Cassville
Beloit College Mounds Mound Rock Beloit
Maudslay State Park Mounds Mound Essex Newburyport
Harley Park Mounds Mound Cooper Boonville
Rusk Middle School Mound Mound Nacogdoches Nacogdoches
Signal Mound Mound Butler Jacksonburg
Seven Mile Ring Earthwork Mound Butler Seven Mile
Somerville Ring Earthwork Mound Butler Somerville
Oxford Mound Mound Butler Oxford
Spanish Mount Mound Charleston Edisto Beach
Mims Point Indian Village Mound Edgefield Murphys Estates
Mound Cemetery Mound Mound Meigs Summer
Leo Petroglyph Petroglyph Jackson Coalton
Mt Kisco Mound Mound Westchester Mt Kisco
Compound Mound Group Mound Clayton Marquette
Yellow River Mound Group Mound Allamakee Marquette
Bear Mound Group Mound Allamakee Marquette
Third Scenic View Mound Group Mound Allamakee Marquette
West Hanging Rock Mound Group Mound Allamakee Marquette
East Hanging Rock Mound Group Mound Allamakee Marquette
Morsche Park Mound 1 Mound Whitley Columbia City
Morsche Park Mound 2 Mound Whitley Columbia City
Morsche Park Mound 3 Mound Whitley Columbia City
GE Mound Mound Posey Mt Vernon
Sugarloaf Mound Mound Knox Vincennes
Yorktown Circle Mound Delaware Yorktown
Owosso Mound 1 Mound Shiawassee Owosso
Fish Farms Mounds Mound Allamakee New Albin
Cornelison Large Circle Mound Mound Madison Ruthton
Cornelison Small Circle Mound Mound Madison Ruthton
Carland Mound Mound Shiawassee Carland
Fort Wayne Mound Mound Wayne Delray
Fort Wayne Ring Earthwork Mound Wayne Delray
Great Springwells Mounds Mound Wayne Delray
Fort Worth North Ring Earthwork Mound Wayne Delray
Old Hill Cemetery Mounds Mound Wayne Dearborn
Five Points 3 Mounds Mound Shiawassee Five Points
Howell Mounds 1 Mound Livingston Howell
Hamtramck Mounds Mound Wayne Hamtramck
Cedar Lake Mound Mound Livingston Marion Township
Bronson Park Mound Mound Kalamazoo Kalamazoo
Middlebury Mound 1 Mound Shiawassee Middlebury
Middlebury Mound 2 Mound Shiawassee Middlebury
Middlebury Mound 3 Mound Shiawassee Middlebury
Middlebury Mounds 4 Mound Shiawassee Middlebury
Ovid Mound 1 Mound Clinton Ovid
Ovid Mounds 2 Mound Clinton Ovid
Ovid Mounds 3 Mound Clinton Ovid
Ovid Mounds 4 Mound Clinton Ovid
Duplain Mounds 1 Mound Clinton Duplain
Duplain Mounds 2 Mound Clinton Duplain
Duplain Mound 3 Mound Clinton Duplain
Eureka Mounds 1 Mound Clinton Eureka
Eureka Mound 2 Mound Clinton Eureka
Maple Rapids Mounds 1 Mound Clinton Maple Rapids
Maple Rapids Mounds 2 Mound Clinton Maple Rapids
Maple Rapids Mound 3 Mound Clinton Maple Rapids
Essex Mounds 1 Mound Clinton Essex
Ashley Mound Mound Gratiot Ashley
Sumner Township Mounds Mound Gratiot Sumner Township
Grand Rapids Mounds 1 Mound Kent Grand Rapids
Grand Rapids Mounds 2 Mound Kent Grand Rapids
Norton Indian Mounds Mound Kent Wyoming
Walker Ring Earthwork Mound Kent Walker
Grandville Mounds Mound Kent Grandville
Grattan Mounds Mound Kent Grattan
Muir Mounds Mound Iona Muir
Lyons Mounds Mound Iona Lyons
Portland Mounds Mound Iona Portland
Irving Mound Mound Barry Irving
Quimby Mound Mound Barry Quimby
Woodland Mound Mound Barry Woodland
Casteton Mound Mound Barry Casteton
Otsego Mounds Mound Allegan Otsego
Chicora Mounds Mound Allegan Chicora
Saugatuck Mound Mound Allegan Suagatuck
Hamilton Mound Mound Allegan Hamilton
Brouwer Ring Mound Allegan Hamilton
Grand Haven Mounds Mound Ottawa Grand Haven
Spring Lake Mound Mound Ottawa Spring Lake Mound
Lamont Mounds 1 Mound Ottawa Lamont
Lamont Mounds 2 Mound Ottawa Lamont
Montague Mound 1 Mound Muskegon Montague
Montague Mounds 2 Mound Muskegon Montague
Montague Mound 3 Mound Muskegon Montague
Egelston Township Mounds 1 Mound Muskegon Egelston Township
Egelston Township Mounds 2 Mound Muskegon Egelston Township
Bailey Mounds Mound Muskegon Bailey
Dayton Center Mound 1 Mound Newaygo Dayton Center
Dayton Center Mound 2 Mound Newaygo Dayton Center
Dayton Center Mound 3 Mound Newaygo Dayton Center
Dayton Center Mound 4 Mound Newaygo Dayton Center
Fremont Mound 1 Mound Newaygo Fremont
Fremont Mound 2 Mound Newaygo Fremont
Garfield Township Mounds Mound Newaygo Garfield Township
Bridgeton Mound Mound Newaygo Bridgeton
Grant Mound Mound Newaygo Grant
Bridgeton Township Mounds 1 Mound Newaygo Bridgeton Township
Bridgeton Township Mounds 2 Mound Newaygo Bridgeton Township
Grant Township Mounds Mound Newaygo Grant Township
Ensley Center Mound Mound Newaygo Ensley Center
Newaygo Mounds 1 Mound Newaygo Newaygo
Newaygo Mounds 2 Mound Newaygo Newaygo
Newaygo Mounds 3 Mound Newaygo Newaygo
Newaygo Mound 4 Mound Newaygo Newaygo
Croton Mounds Mound Newaygo Croton
Pierson Mounds Mound Montcalm Pierson
Lakeview Mounds 1 Mound Montcalm Lakeview
Lakeview Mounds 2 Mound Montcalm Lakeview
Lakeview Mound 3 Mound Montcalm Lakeview
Six Lakes Mounds Mound Montcalm Six Lakes
Entrican Mounds Mound Montcalm Entrican
Crystal Mounds Mound Montcalm Crystal
Sumner Mound Mound Gratiot Sumner
Brant Township Mound Mound Saginaw Brant Township
St. Charles Mound 1 Mound Saginaw St. Charles
St. Charles Mound 2 Mound Saginaw St. Charles
Chesaning Mound 1 Mound Saginaw Chesaning
Chesaning Mound 2 Mound Saginaw Chesaning
Carrollton Mound Mound Saginaw Carrollton
Saginaw Mounds Mound Saginaw Saginaw
Thomas Mound Mound Saginaw Thomas
Paines Mounds Mound Saginaw Paines
Bridgeport Mound 1 Mound Saginaw Bridgeport
Bridgeport Mound 2 Mound Saginaw Bridgeport
Bridgeport Mound 3 Mound Saginaw Bridgeport
Bridgeport Ring Earthwork Mound Saginaw Bridgeport
Spaulding Township Mounds Mound Saginaw Spaulding Township
Bridgeport Township Mound Mound Saginaw Bridgeport Township
Birch Run Township Mound Mound Saginaw Birch Run Township
Morseville Mound 1 Mound Saginaw Morseville
Morseville Mound 2 Mound Saginaw Morseville
Morseville Mound 3 Mound Saginaw Morseville
Morseville Mound 4 Mound Saginaw Morseville
Morseville Mound 5 Mound Saginaw Morseville
Morseville Mound 6 Mound Saginaw Morseville
Morseville Mound 7 Mound Saginaw Morseville
Gilford Township Mound Mound Tuscola Gilford Township
Unionville Mound 1 Mound Tuscola Unionville
Unionville Ring Earthwork Mound Tuscola Unionville
Unionville Mound 2 Mound Tuscola Unionville
Caro Mound Mound Tuscola Caro
Watrousville Mound Mound Tuscola Watrousville Mound
East Dayton Mound Mound Tuscola East Dayton
Vassar Mound Mound Tuscola Vassar
Tuscola Mound 1 Mound Tuscola Tuscola
Tuscola Mound 2 Mound Tuscola Tuscola
Tuscola Mound 3 Mound Tuscola Tuscola
Tuscola Mound 4 Mound Tuscola Tuscola
Millington Mound Mound Tuscola Millington
Fostoria Mound Mound Tuscola Fostoria
Shabbona Mounds Mound Sanilac Shabbona
Argyle Mounds Mound Sanilac Argyle
Wheatland Township Mound Mound Sanilac Wheatland Township
Palms Mound Mound Sanilac Palms
Forestville Ring Earthwork Mound Sanilac Forestville
Carsonville Mound 1 Mound Sanilac Carsonville
Carsonville Mound 2 Mound Sanilac Carsonville
Watertown Square Earthwork and Mound Mound Sanilac Watertown
Flynn Township Mounds 1 Mound Sanilac Flynn Township
Flynn Township Mounds 2 Mound Sanilac Flynn Township
Peck Mounds Mound Sanilac Peck
Roseburg Mounds 1 Mound Sanilac Roseburg
Roseburg Mounds 2 Mound Sanilac Roseburg
Amador Mound 1 Mound Sanilac Amador
Amador Mound 2 Mound Sanilac Amador
Amador Square Earthwork Mound Sanilac Amador
Lakeport Mound 1 Mound St Clair Lakeport
Lakeport Mound 2 Mound St Clair Lakeport
Atkins Mound Mound St Clair Atkins
Pine River Mound Mound Arenac Pine River
Au Gres Mound Mound Arenac Au Gres
Freesoil Mounds Mound Mason Freesoil
Grant Township Mound 1 - Mason County Mound Mason Grant Township
Grant Township Mound 2 - Mason County Mound Mason Grant Township
Hamlin Lake Mound Mound Mason Hamlin Lake
Ludington Mound 1 Mound Mason Ludington
Ludington Mound 2 Mound Mason Ludington
Scottville Mound Mound Mason Scottville
Custer Mound 1 Mound Mason Custer
Custer Mound 2 Mound Mason Custer
Custer Mound 3 Mound Mason Custer
Riverton Township Mound Mound Mason Riverton Township
Riverton Township Ring Earthwork Mound Mason Riverton Township
Summit Township Mound Mound Mason Summit Township
Fern Mound Mound Mason Fern
Eden Township Mound Mound Mason Eden Township
Logan Township Mound 1 Mound Mason Logan Township
Logan Township Mound 2 Mound Mason Logan Township
Pentwater Mound Mound Oceana Pentwater
Mears Mounds 1 Mound Oceana Mears
Mears Mound 2 Mound Oceana Mears
Stony Lake Mounds Mound Oceana Stony Lake
Rothbury Mounds Mound Oceana Rothbury
Elbridge Mound 1 Mound Oceana Elbridge
Elbridge Mound 2 Mound Oceana Elbridge
Elbridge Mounds 3 Mound Oceana Elbridge
Elbridge Mound 4 Mound Oceana Elbridge
Colfax Township Mounds 1 Mound Oceana Colfax Township
Walkerville Ring Earthwork Mound Oceana Walkerville
Hesperia Mounds 1 Mound Oceana Hesperia
Hesperia Mounds 2 Mound Oceana Hesperia
Colfax Township Mounds 2 Mound Oceana Colfax Township
Walkerville Mound Mound Oceana Walkerville
Troy Township Mound 1 Mound Newaygo Troy Township
Troy Township Mound 2 Mound Newaygo Troy Township
Troy Township Mound 3 Mound Newaygo Troy Township
Troy Township Mound 4 Mound Newaygo Troy Township
Troy Township Mound 5 Mound Newaygo Troy Township
Troy Township Mound 6 Mound Newaygo Troy Township
Bitely Mound Mound Newaygo Bitely
Troy Township Mound 7 Mound Newaygo Troy Township
Troy Township Mound 8 Mound Newaygo Troy Township
Troy Township Mound 9 Mound Newaygo Troy Township
Troy Township Mounds 10 Mound Newaygo Troy Township
Troy Township Mound 11 Mound Newaygo Troy Township
Volney Mound 1 Mound Newaygo Volney
Volney Mound 2 Mound Newaygo Volney
Volney Mound 3 Mound Newaygo Volney
Volney Mound 4 Mound Newaygo Volney
Volney Mound 5 Mound Newaygo Volney
Volney Mound 6 Mound Newaygo Volney
Volney Mounds 7 Mound Newaygo Volney
Volney Mounds 8 Mound Newaygo Volney
Huber Mound 1 Mound Newaygo Huber
Brohman Mounds Mound Newaygo Brohman
Huber Mounds 2 Mound Newaygo Huber
Home Township Mound 1 Mound Newaygo Home Township
Home Township Mound 2 Mound Newaygo Home Township
Home Township Mounds 3 Mound Newaygo Home Township
East Saugatuck Ring Earthworks Mound Allegan East Saugatuck Ring
Little Manistee Mounds Mound Lake Little Manistee
Pinora Township Mounds Mound Lake Pinora Township
Sauble Mound Mound Lake Sauble
Lake Township Mounds 1 Mound Lake Lake Township
Lake Township Mound 2 Mound Lake Lake Township
Lake Township Mounds 3 Mound Lake Lake Township
Pine Grove Beach Mounds 1 Mound Lake Pine Grove Beach
Pine Grove Beach Mounds 2 Mound Lake Pine Grove Beach
Rose Lake Mound Mound Lake Rose Lake
Sylvan Township Ring Earthwork Mound Lake Sylvan Township
Sylvan Township Mounds Mound Lake Sylvan Township
Cooperton Mounds Mound Clare Cooperton
Greenwood Township Mounds Mound Clare Greenwood Township
Dice Corners Mound 1 Mound Midland Dice Corners
Dice Corners Mound 2 Mound Midland Dice Corners
Edenville Mounds Mound Midland Edenville
Midland Mound Mound Midland Midland
Mills Township Mound Mound Midland Mills Township
Wenona Beach Mounds Mound Bay Wenona Beach
Bay City Mound 1 Mound Bay Bay City
Bay City Mound 2 Mound Bay Bay City
Bay City Mound 3 Mound Bay Bay City
Bay City Mound 4 Mound Bay Bay City
Bay City Mound 5 Mound Bay Bay City
Bay City Mound 6 Mound Bay Bay City
Bay City Mound 7 Mound Bay Bay City
Bay City Mound 8 Mound Bay Bay City
Grind Stone City Mound Mound Huron Grind Stone City
Huron City Mound Mound Huron Huron City
Port Austin Mounds Mound Huron Port Austin
Port Crescent Mound Mound Huron Port Crescent
Ivanhoe Mounds Mound Huron Ivanhoe
Bad Axe Ring Earthwork Mound Huron Bad Axe
Maisou Island Mounds Mound Huron Maisou Island
Mckinley Ring Earthwork Mound Huron Mckinley
Caseville Mound Mound Huron Caseville
Owosso Effigy Mounds Mound Shiawassee Owosso
Pittsburg Mound Mound Shiawassee Pittsburg
Newburg Ring Earthwork Mound Shiawassee Newburg
Antrim Mounds Mound Shiawassee Antrim
Union Plains Mound Mound Shiawassee Union Plains
Owosso Mound 3 Mound Shiawassee Owosso
Owosso Mound 2 Mound Shiawassee Owosso
Flushing Mounds 1 Mound Genesee Flushing
Flushing Mound 2 Mound Genesee Flushing
Brent Creek Mounds 1 Mound Genesee Brent Creek
Brent Creek Mound 2 Mound Genesee Brent Creek
Montrose Mound 1 Mound Genesee Montrose
Montrose Mound 2 Mound Genesee Montrose
Otisville Mound 1 Mound Genesee Otisville
Otisville Mound 2 Mound Genesee Otisville
Flint Mounds Mound Genesee Flint
Argentine Mound 1 Mound Genesee Argentine
Argentine Mounds 2 Mound Genesee Argentine
Argentine Mound 3 Mound Genesee Argentine
Linden Mound Mound Genesee Linden
Millville Mound Mound Lapeer Millville
Columbiaville Mounds Mound Lapeer Columbiaville
Dryden Mound Mound Lapeer Dryden
Imlay City Mounds Mound Lapeer Imlay City
Attica Mound 1 Mound Lapeer Attica
Attica Mound 2 Mound Lapeer Attica
Attica Mound 3 Mound Lapeer Attica
Dryden Mounds Mound Lapeer Dryden
Port Huron Mound 1 Mound St Clair Port Huron
Port Huron Mounds 2 Mound St Clair Port Huron
Dexter Mound Mound Washtenaw Dexter
Webster Township Mound Mound Washtenaw Webster Township
Scio Mound Mound Washtenaw Scio
Ann Arbor Mound 1 Mound Washtenaw Ann Arbor
Ann Arbor Mound 2 Mound Washtenaw Ann Arbor
Ann Arbor Mound 3 Mound Washtenaw Ann Arbor
Cambridge Junction Mound Mound Lenawee Cambridge Junction
Onstead Mound Mound Lenawee Onstead
Oak Shade Park Mound Mound Lenawee Oak Shade Park
Tipton Mound Mound Lenawee Tipton
Clinton Mound 1 Mound Lenawee Clinton
Clinton Mound 2 Mound Lenawee Clinton
Tecumseh Ring and Square Earthwork Mound Lenawee Tecumseh
Tecumseh Ring Earthwork Mound Lenawee Tecumseh
Raisin Center Mounds Mound Lenawee Raisin Center
Adrian Mound Mound Lenawee Adrian
Blissfield Mound Mound Lenawee Blissfield
Canandagua Mounds Mound Lenawee Canandagua
Medina Mounds Mound Lenawee Medina
Bankers Mounds 1 Mound Hillsdale Bankers
Bankers Mounds 2 Mound Hillsdale Bankers
Hillsdale Mound 1 Mound Hillsdale Hillsdale
Hillsdale Mound 2 Mound Hillsdale Hillsdale
Osseo Mounds 1 Mound Hillsdale Osseo
Osseo Mound 2 Mound Hillsdale Osseo
Camden Mound 1 Mound Hillsdale Camden
Camden Mounds 2 Mound Hillsdale Camden
Girard Mounds Mound Branch Girard
Union City Mounds Mound Branch Union City
South Butler Mounds 1 Mound Branch South Butler
South Butler Mounds 2 Mound Branch South Butler
Coldwater Mound 1 Mound Branch Coldwater
Coldwater Mound 2 Mound Branch Coldwater
Bronson Mounds Mound Branch Bronson
Bronson Ring Earthwork 1 Mound Branch Bronson
Bronson Ring Earthworks 2 Mound Branch Bronson
Mattison Mound 1 Mound Branch Mattison
Mattison Mound 2 Mound Branch Mattison
Gilead Ring Earthwork 1 Mound Branch Gilead
Gilead Ring Earthwork 2 Mound Branch Gilead
Colon Ring Earthwork Mound St. Joseph Colon
Mendon Mounds Mound St. Joseph Mendon
Leonidas Mounds Mound St. Joseph Leonidas
Colon Mounds 1 Mound St. Joseph Colon
Colon Mounds 2 Mound St. Joseph Colon
Colon Ring Earthwork Mound St. Joseph Colon
Colon Mounds 3 Mound St. Joseph Colon
Fairfax Mounds Mound St. Joseph Fairfax
Findley Mound Mound St. Joseph Findley
Nottawa Mounds Mound St. Joseph Nottawa
Burr Oak Mound Mound St. Joseph Burr Oak
Bluff Beach Ring Earthwork Mound St. Joseph Bluff Beach
Sherman Township Ring Earthwork Mound St. Joseph Sherman Township
White Pigeon Mound 1 Mound St. Joseph White Pigeon
White Pigeon Mound 2 Mound St. Joseph White Pigeon
Three Rivers Ring Earthworks Mound St. Joseph Three Rivers
Volinia Mound 1 Mound Cass Volinia
Volinia Mound 2 Mound Cass Volinia
Marcellus Mound 1 Mound Cass Marcellus
Marcellus Mound 2 Mound Cass Marcellus
Marcellus Mounds 3 Mound Cass Marcellus
Jones Mound Mound Cass Jones
Adamsville Mounds Mound Cass Adamsville
Pokagon Mounds Mound Cass Pokagon
Sumnerville Ring Earthwork Mound Cass Sumnerville
Sumnerville Mounds and Earthwork Mound Cass Sumnerville
Eau Claire Mounds Mound Berrien Eau Claire
Paw Paw Mound Mound Berrien Paw Paw
Dayton Mound Mound Berrien Dayton
Fairland Mounds Mound Berrien Fairland
Buchanan Mounds 1 Mound Berrien Buchanan
Buchanan Mound 2 Mound Berrien Buchanan
Buchanan Mound 3 Mound Berrien Buchanan
Buchanan Mound 4 Mound Berrien Buchanan
Sulphur Springs Mound Mound Van Buren Sulphur Springs
South Haven Mound Mound Van Buren South Haven
Gobles Mound Mound Van Buren Gobles
Wrights Corners Square Earthwork Mound Calhoun Wrights Corners
Wrights Corners Mound Mound Calhoun Wrights Corners
Clarence Mound Mound Calhoun Clarence
Bellevue Mound 1 Mound Calhoun Bellevue
Bedford Mound Mound Calhoun Bedford
Bedford Ring Earthwork Mound Calhoun Bedford
Level Park Ring Earthworks Mound Calhoun Level Park
Waterloo Mound Mound Jackson Waterloo
Leoni Mound Mound Jackson Leoni
Grass Lake Mound Mound Jackson Grass Lake
Meridian Mound Mound Ingham Meridian
Danville Ring Earthwork Mound Ingham Danville
Aurelius Mounds Mound Ingham Aurelius
White Oak Mound Mound Ingham North Leslie
North Leslie Ring Earthwork Mound Ingham North Leslie
North Leslie Mounds Mound Ingham North Leslie
Lawrence Mound 3 Mound Van Buren Lawrence
Lawrence Mounds 2 Mound Van Buren Lawrence
Lawrence Mounds 1 Mound Van Buren Lawrence
Hartford Mound Mound Van Buren Hartford
Decatur Mounds Mound Van Buren Decatur
Chamberlains Mounds Mound Van Buren Chamberlains
Teapot Dome Mounds 4 Mound Van Buren Teapot Dome
Teapot Dome Mounds 3 Mound Van Buren Teapot Dome
Paw Paw Mounds (Van Buren) Mound Van Buren Paw Paw
Teapot Dome Mound 2 Mound Van Buren Teapot Dome
Teapot Dome Mound 1 Mound Van Buren Teapot Dome
Cheshire Center Mounds Mound Van Buren Cheshire Center
Lakeview Mounds Mound Calhoun Lakeview
Wrights Corners Mounds Mound Calhoun Wrights Corners
Homer Ring Earthwork Mound Calhoun Homer
Tekonsha Mounds Mound Calhoun Tekonsha
Union City Ring Earthwork Mound Calhoun Union City
Union City Mound 2 Mound Calhoun Union City
Burlington Mounds Mound Calhoun Burlington
Athens Ring Earthwork Mound Calhoun Athens
Athens Mound 1 Mound Calhoun Athens
Athens Mounds 2 Mound Calhoun Athens
Olivet Ring Earthwork Mound Eaton Olivet
Olivet Mound 1 Mound Eaton Olivet
Olivet Mounds 2 Mound Eaton Olivet
Olivet Mound 3 Mound Eaton Olivet
Bellevue Ring Earthwork Mound Eaton Bellevue
Bellevue Mounds Mound Eaton Bellevue
Olivet Mounds 4 Mound Eaton Olivet
Richland Mounds 1 Mound Kalamazoo Richland
Richland Mounds 2 Mound Kalamazoo Richland
Richland Mounds 3 Mound Kalamazoo Richland
Northwood Mound Mound Kalamazoo Northwood
Cooper Ring Earthworks Mound Kalamazoo Cooper
Cooper Mounds 1 Mound Kalamazoo Cooper
Cooper Mound 2 Mound Kalamazoo Cooper
Pavilion Mound Mound Kalamazoo Pavilion
Climax Mound 1 Mound Kalamazoo Climax
Climax Mound 2 Mound Kalamazoo Climax
Climax Conical Mound Mound Kalamazoo Climax
Climax Ring Earthwork Mound Kalamazoo Climax
The Old Fort Earthwork Mound Kalamazoo Climax
Galesburg Mound 1 Mound Kalamazoo Galesburg
Galesburg Mound 2 Mound Kalamazoo Galesburg
Oshtemo Mound Mound Kalamazoo Oshtemo
Schoolcraft Square Earthwork Mound Kalamazoo Schoolcraft
Austin Corners Mounds Mound Oakland Austin Corners
Lake Orion Heights Mounds Mound Oakland Lake Orion Heights
Pontiac Mound 1 Mound Oakland Pontiac
Pontiac Mounds 2 Mound Oakland Pontiac
Armada East Fort Ring Mound Macomb Armada
Romeo South Fort Ring Mound Macomb Romeo
Romeo Ring Earthwork 1 Mound Macomb Romeo
Romeo Square Earthwork Mound Macomb Romeo
Romeo Ring Earthwork 2 Mound Macomb Romeo
Bruce Township Ring Earthwork Mound Macomb Bruce Township
Macomb North Fort Ring Mound Macomb Bruce Township
Clinton Mounds Mound Macomb Clinton
Shelby Mound Mound Macomb Shelby
New Baltimore Ring Earthwork Mound Macomb New Baltimore
Mt. Clemens Ring Earthwork Mound Macomb Mt. Clemens
Barryton Mound 1 Mound Mecosta Barryton
Barryton Mounds 2 Mound Mecosta Barryton
Green Township Mounds Mound Mecosta Green Township
Brinton Mounds Mound Isabella Brinton
Crawford Mound 1 Mound Isabella Crawford
Crawford Mounds 2 Mound Isabella Crawford
Crawford Mound 3 Mound Isabella Crawford
Crawford Mounds 4 Mound Isabella Crawford
Lincoln Township Mounds Mound Isabella Lincoln Township
Vernon City Mounds Mound Isabella Vernon City
Toolesboro Indian Mounds & Museum Mound Louisa Toolesboro
Mc Faddin Indian Mound Mound Victoria Mc Faddin
Sanilac Petroglyphs Petroglyph Sanilac Cass City
Graham Cave State Park Cave Montgomery City Montgomery
Iliniwek Village State Historic Site Archaeolgical Clark Wayland
Sparksville Mounds Mound Washington Sparksville
Medora Mound Mound Washington Medora
Hopewell Mound Complex Mound Porter Kouts
Nettle Lake Mound Group Mound Williams Nettle Lake
Raleigh Mound Mound Knox Fredericktown
Braddock Mound Mound Knox Fredericktown
Holder - Wright Earthworks Mound Franklin Dublin
Columbus Country Club Mound Mound Franklin Columbus
Columbus Mound Mound Franklin Columbus
Galbreath Mound or Tom Cannon Mound Mound Franklin Georgesville
Calvary Cemetery Enclosure Mound Montgomery Oakwood
Stubbs Earthworks Mound Warren Morrow
Rentschler Forest Preserve Earthwork Mound Butler Woodsdale
Enyart Mound Mound Butler Reily
Reily Cemetery Mound Mound Butler Reily
Milford Earthworks East Square Mound Clermont Milford
Milford Earthworks East Small Circle Mound Clermont Milford
Milford Earthworks West Square Mound Hamilton Milford
Milford Earthworks West Small Circle Mound Hamilton Milford
Bledsoe's Lick Mound Mound Sumner Gallatin
Russell Cave Cave Jackson Bridgeport
Russell Cave Mound Mound Jackson Bridgeport
Bundy-Voyles Site Archaeological Morgan Martinsville
Blue Bluff Archaeological Morgan Martinsville
7400 Woodyard Rd Archaeological Laurel Prince George
Cleopatra's Needle Standing Stone New_York
Gungywamp Archaeological Groton
White Tanks Petroglyph Petroglyph Phoenix
Ulm Pishkun Buffalo Jump Archaeological Ulm
Mastodon State Historic Site Archaeological Jefferson Imperial
Osage Village State Historic Site Archaeological Vernon Lamar
Washington State Park Petroglyph De Soto
Pictograph Cave State Park Pictograph Billings
On-A-Slant Village Archaeological Morton Mandan
Knife River Indian Villages Archaeological Stanton
Inscription Rock Pictograph Ottawa Port Clinton
Mitchell Prehistoric Indian Village Archaeological
Totem Bight State Historical Park Historical Ketchikan Gateway Ketchikan
Calico Early Man Archaeological Site Archaeological San Bernardino Barstow
Indian Grinding Rock State Historic Park Archaeological Shasta Pine Grove
Horse Pens 40 Archaeological St. Clair Steele
Okeechobee Mounds Mound Okeechobee Okeechobee